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Who will give voice to your message?
Harry Will!
Harry has written, produced and recorded commercials for over twenty-five years - from tape "carts" recorded in-studio in the 1980s to mp3 files created on his home computer and emailed to the station.

Harry has narrated multi-media productions as well as on-stage presentations such as performances by the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, where he serves as Master of Ceremonies and is the official "Voice of the Symphony."

Harry entered the world of audiobook narration and production after a forty-year career as “Harry The Librarian” created limitless opportunities to use the media to promote the library. Harry loves to share uplifting nonfiction works that offer the listener the opportunity to improve and enjoy his or her life. His friendly manner and “accent-free” Northeastern US speech make for comfortable listening while challenging the listener to take heed of helpful ideas and techniques. He was awarded Audible Approved Producer status, by Amazon subsidiary ACX in October 2016, 13 months after producing his first title.

The "Audiobooks" button above links to Harry’s Narrator/Producer page at ACX. It has samples of his work and his professional profile. He had 6 released for sale by Audible, Amazon and iTunes in 2015, 38 in 2016, 16 in 2017, 10 in 2018. You can see that he grew more selective, choosing longer higher-quality titles each year. So far in 2019, 1 will be released after passing Quality Control and 3 are in various stages of production. Most of what you will see if you click the "Commercials" button are recordings on Soundcloud for Harry’s radio commercials for concerts by the Brockton Symphony Orchestra. A couple of audiobook samples are there as well, including one for this, his most recent audiobook.
Three Doors to the Soul
As mentioned above, the "Commercials" button links to Harry’s Soundcloud page, which has samples of many of his radio advertisements for the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, with some other ads and a few audiobook related items. Here is his latest "BrSO" commercial:

In addition to making commercials for, and serving as Master of Ceremonies and official "Voice of the Symphony" for the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, Harry performs with them. His recent narration of “Carnival of the Animals” brought down the house. He also narrated, with the Orchestra, "Peter and the Wolf," "The Music of Harry Potter" and "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra."
This is one of his favorite "BrSO" commercials and a bit of self-promotion:

Here is a one-minute Commercial for Marty's "In beautiful downtown Dudley," Home of Cheap Booze, which was hosting a contest for a jingle to use in future ads. They clearly had fun in the studio, with Harry as Announcerman.

In the late 1980s Harry went to Radio Station WGFP in Webster, Massachusetts to promote the Pearle L. Crawford Public Library in Dudley. The Station Manager said "I like your style - how'd you like to be my Critic?" He got Harry a Critic's Pass for free admission to movies and theater. He spent the next 4 years writing, narrating and recording in their studio a 100-second spot every Friday, which they played several times over the weekend. This is his review of the 1991 Steven Seagal movie, "Out for Justice."

The "Blog" button above links to the "Harry The Librarian" blog at It is a free and informal site with book reviews, musings on society and the public library's place within it, and many other topics.
The "Bookstore" button takes you to a page on Amazon that displays all the books Harry has for sale. He has a small inventory of selected books. Unfortunately, if you click on one of them it takes you to the general listing for the book, with his sometimes among many other offerings. He could probably resolve this by paying for some type of paid seller account, but he is quite thrifty and bookselling is only a pleasant sideline.
The "Weight Loss" button takes you to a description of Harry’s experience - nothing to sell, just information. The social media buttons are self-explanatory. Please enjoy this site and feel free to email questions and suggestions. Thank you!