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Harry Will!
JUST RELEASED in Audio! "The Circus is coming to Town!" 9 times out of 10 that is happy news... but oh, that 10th time. Maybe the folks with Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) know something. We've all seen clowns with big shoes, but some have big teeth and evil appetites! Listen if you dare to M. D. Labelle's evocative tale. She says my performance "brings The Circus to life like no other and makes you laugh, cry and pee your pants when the clowns take the stage."

NOTE: After multiple attempts to include the ("successfully uploaded") graphic of the audiobook, I am forced to admit this ez-net web host has outlived its usefulness after 24 years - and I just paid for May! Please don't hate me for such an uninspiring website!
100 Years Ahead of His Time!
Just Released! Upton Sinclair spent years as a vegetarian after researching the meat packing industry for his best-selling 1906 expose, The Jungle. He also spent years with ill health. In The Fasting Cure he summarized and popularized the research of contemporaries who were pioneers in the movement for self-health.

To read more and hear a sample at Audible, click the link under the cover image.
Classic Slasher Horror Done Right!
My latest release. Jon Athan, author of FIFTY incredible novels, brings you a shockingly suspenseful and violent slasher inspired by the classics. He has been generous with praise for my performances of (6 of) his books, recently writing "you really have a way of elevating my work. I was actually tensing up while listening to it!" Particularly rewarding was a comment by one of HIS fans saying "Harry Roger Williams III always brings your stories to life." Email me for a download code (specify US or UK) for a free review copy. Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.
Click on the cover image to see the Audible listing page and hear a sample.
Night of the Prowler cover
Subtly Humorous and Really Horrible!
I've done horror - nearly a dozen (out of 91 produced) including truly extreme horror, but nothing prepared me for this! I had to stop a couple of times and regroup. I even considered using a pseudonym, until I remembered some I've already done. So be warned: "There are graphic scenes of grossness, violence, and gore (and some comedy)." Sea Caummisar is an incredibly skillful writer of offbeat, humorous horror!
Click on the cover image to see the Audible listing page and hear a sample

Gambler's Appetite of Remorse Cover
Short and Simple Self Help
Just released! Dr. Kinney shares the keys that allow him to live the life of his dreams without stress and worry, written especially for those who feel stuck, those who have begun their pursuit of success, and for those who don't know where to begin. This short book allows for repeated listening, because the keys will take time to learn, embrace, and activate. Get your copy today!
Click on the cover image to see the Audible listing page and hear a sample.

End Your Pain Now!
I have so many friends suffering with this excruciating condition. In New Hope for Sciatica, best-selling author, radio personality, and award-winning chiropractor Dr. Duncan McCollum will show you little-known methods that will help you get out of pain and get your life back. Email to request an Audible code for a free review copy - specify US or UK code. Click on the cover to see the Audible page and (hopefully) order a copy,
New Hope for Sciatica Cover
EXTREME Horror - You can't look away!
The Groomer Cover
My Latest Collaboration with Jon Athan. Our longest audiobook so far connects a parent's worse nightmare to the excruciating nightmare "justice" meted upon those who abduct and abuse children. WARNING: This book contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.
Recovery Poetry: Biblical and Spiritual
Audible's description, "Kyle Walker... explores the Garden of Eden, writing of its rich history and future renewal in his... poems" omits the alcohol and substance addiction dimensions of these meditations on the salvation found by many in recovery, and needed by millions more. Click on the image to see it on Audible.
Back to Eden on Audible
Back to Eden Cover
Horror, Fiction, Elegant Writing
As Narrator/Producer I have a vested interest, but I can't help but praise Chris' skillful writing - effective foreshadowing, detail that puts you in the scene without bogging down, and characters whose plights led me, while preparing to record, to stop taking character notes and clear the tears from my eyes before I could continue, several times.

Image Scars on the Face of God Cover
The "Audiobooks" button above links to Harry’s Narrator/Producer page at ACX. It has samples of his work and his professional profile. Since 2015 he has sold over 11,000 copies of 83 audiobooks on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

In the beginning he released many shorter nonfiction books. He grew more selective, choosing longer higher-quality titles each year, and branching out to a variety of fiction including thrillers, romance and extreme horror and serious nonfiction from spiritual to business oriented titles.
Most of what you will see if you click the "Commercials" button are recordings on Soundcloud for Harry’s radio commercials for concerts by the Brockton Symphony Orchestra. A couple of audiobook samples are there as well, including one for this, a recent nonfiction audiobook.
Three Doors to the Soul
As mentioned above, the "Commercials" button links to Harry’s Soundcloud page, which has samples of many of his radio advertisements for the Brockton Symphony Orchestra, with some other ads and a few audiobook related items. Here is a recent "BrSO" commercial:

In addition to making commercials for, and serving as Master of Ceremonies and official "Voice of the Symphony" for the Brockton Symphony Orchestra for many years, Harry performed with them.

His narration of “Carnival of the Animals” brought down the house. He also narrated, with the Orchestra, "Peter and the Wolf," "The Music of Harry Potter" and "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra."

This is one of his favorite "BrSO" commercials and a bit of self-promotion:

Here is a one-minute Commercial for Marty's "In beautiful downtown Dudley," Home of Cheap Booze, which was hosting a contest for a jingle to use in future ads. They clearly had fun in the studio, with Harry as Announcerman.

In the late 1980s Harry went to Radio Station WGFP in Webster, Massachusetts to promote the Pearle L. Crawford Public Library in Dudley. The Station Manager said "I like your style - how'd you like to be my Critic?" He got Harry a Critic's Pass for free admission to movies and theater.

He spent the next 4 years writing, narrating and recording in their studio a 100-second spot every Friday, which they played several times over the weekend. This is his review of the 1991 Steven Seagal movie, "Out for Justice."

The "Blog" button above links to the "Harry The Librarian" blog at It is a free and informal site with book reviews, musings on society and the public library's place within it, and many other topics.
The "Bookstore" button used to take you to a page on Amazon that displayed all the books Harry has for sale. He has a small inventory of selected books. Unfortunately, this is no longer available.

It's rewarding that the link will show you his 100% Positive ratings from book purchasers, but you will only find one of his offerings if you search for a book that is in his inventory and notice "harrywill" as one of the Sellers.

He might be able to resolve this by paying for some type of paid seller account, but he is quite thrifty and bookselling is only a pleasant sideline for a lifelong book collector.
The "Weight Loss" button takes you to a description of Harry’s experience - nothing to sell, just information. The social media buttons are self-explanatory. Please enjoy this site and feel free to email questions and suggestions. Thank you!