The Voice of Success
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YOU can Break The Chains of Overweight!
Harry will show how.
Harry has gained and lost hundreds of pounds over the years - and so have you, right?

How would you like to learn the proven method for dropping those pounds, keeping them off, and enjoying your new healthy life? Read on!

Most of the information you will be offered - and admit it, people are "offering you" information every time you turn around - will be from people who want to sell you something. Some pill, or powder, or promise.

Harry has nothing to sell you - nothing but information and experience - for free! And the chance for you to experience the life you have dreamed of.
In 1987 Harry attended a workshop by Bill Anderson, and purchased his audiotape series, "Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss." He continues to listen to those tapes 33 years later and considers them a precious possession.

In 2009 Bill published The Anderson Method, a book that continues to sell strongly on Amazon. He tells how to truly break the bonds of overweight and live a live that is healthy AND happy. I cannot recommend it strongly enough!

Harry Before and After
It meant a lot to me to see Bill Anderson refer to me in February 2015 as, "client and professional voice-over artist Harry Roger Williams III" on his Facebook page. I replied, "When I decided to evolve from 'The Voice of the Brockton Symphony Orchestra​' and radio commercial narrator to Audiobook Narrator, I promised myself to only give voice to positive works that can actually improve lives. I could not think of a better book to begin with than The Anderson Method. Thanks to Bill Anderson for this opportunity to 'spread the word.'"

Here is a screen capture from Bill's Facebook page. After using my narration for the forward to Bill's book - the one I used to shed 55 pounds after my heart attack - in early promotion, Bill decided he'd prefer to narrate it himself. By then, I was on my way, narrating and producing uplifting nonfiction audiobooks.